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Our firm brings a no nonsense, common-sense approach to the issues while paying attention to process and cost efficiency. We service all of Saskatchewan and collaborate extra-provincially to better suit your needs. We are a team with 50+ years’ experience, successfully appearing at the Provincial Court, Court of Queen’s Bench and Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan. We do the work while listening, coaching and counselling on a personal level during your entire legal process. We are conscious of your needs at all stages of the legal process and believe our CJC family is taking care of your family


  • CJC & Co. LLP developed the first and only "Family First" concept boutique law firm believing in a philosophy that the CJC family is here to provide legal care to yours. This unique concept is to provide family members with services throughout stages and circumstances of life when it's needed. Not just once!
  • If you’ve been looking for the right firm, your search is over – we’re different in all the right ways.

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CJC will be offering a free seminar with respect to unbundled or limited legal services. If you are interested in attending please contact or Dates will be arranged after review of the number of attendees.

Unbundling/Limited Legal Services means the provision of legal services for part, but not all, of a client’s legal matter by agreement with the client.

“Legal Coaching” means a lawyer is offering “backstage” instruction to a self-represented litigant meditating, negotiating or attending court (primarily in family law). Legal coaching aids in explaining the process, practical tips on how to attend a hearing or negotiation/mediation, preparing your case, organization, assessment of positions, how to put forth your case, writing and research. Essentially your coach will guide and assist you through each step of your self-represented process, without being the lawyer on record, because you will be doing most of your own work.

Unbundling is not a new concept however as more clients are unable to afford full representation, services have expanded to accommodate self-represented litigants, allowing in part access to at least some legal services.

CJC & Co. LLP will provide limited scope services on discrete tasks or providing representation for one or more aspects of your legal matter without the expectation that our lawyers will represent you, fully, generally, or become the lawyer of record.
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Please note that viewing this site does not establish a solicitor and client relationship between you and our firm. You must contact one of our lawyers to retain them. You should expect that a conflict search will be performed to protect you as well as other clients of the firm. CJC Lawyers do not hold themselves out to be experts, specialists or leaders. All references regarding qualifications are with respect to knowledge and experience. For a lawyer to be deemed an expert, specialist or leader they must be designated so by their governing Law Society. A lawyer's degree of success in past cases is not indicative of future results.