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Our firm brings a no nonsense, common-sense approach to the issues while paying attention to process and cost efficiency. We service all of Saskatchewan and collaborate extra-provincially to better suit your needs. We are a team with 50+ years’ experience, successfully appearing at the Provincial Court, Court of Queen’s Bench and Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan. We do the work while listening, coaching and counselling on a personal level during your entire legal process. We are conscious of your needs at all stages of the legal process and believe our CJC family is taking care of your family


  • CJC & Co. LLP developed the first and only "Family First" concept boutique law firm believing in a philosophy that the CJC family is here to provide legal care to yours. This unique concept is to provide family members with services throughout stages and circumstances of life when it's needed. Not just once!
  • If you’ve been looking for the right firm, your search is over – we’re different in all the right ways.

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As stated CJC will continue to provide online mediation services. The fee structure for online mediation is as follows:

Fee Structure for Mediation:

Stage One:
An initial retainer of $1,000 must be received before services commence. This retainer will include the initial intake and assessment of both participants as well as the agreement to mediate, information package, and initial mediation summary, as well as appointment reminder letters.

Stage Two:
Joint Mediation Sessions which will be held by telephone, facetime or zoom will require a payment of $1,000 before each session. The session will be 3 hours and will include preparation, the meeting, and mediation summary.

Each subsequent session will follow in the same manner until agreement is reached. Any additional fees such as preparation of a Memorandum of Understanding or additional telephone attendances will be billed at a rate of $400 per hour.

Unless otherwise agreed upon by the participants each party will be responsible for paying one half of the costs.

Taxes and disbursements not included.
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300 - 3333 8th Street East ● Saskatoon, SK S7H 4K1 ● Telephone: (306) 384-4181 ● Fax: (306) 384-4182


AS PER THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION’S RECCOMENDATION, CJC & Co. LLP will be doing our part to reduce transmission of COVID-19. We will be vigilant in our procedures to ensure the protection of our community and those most vulnerable. While the CJC team continues to take care of our clients we are voluntarily self-isolating. What this means is that we will be staggering the number of people we have in our office at any given time and are practicing social distancing of at least 3 metres. We will execute documents with clients only when absolutely necessary. Otherwise we will arrange telephone appointments and communicate through email.

If you do have an in-person appointment you will be given specific instructions such as, hand sanitizing, bringing your own pen and signing through a glass partition. Please wear gloves and touch the least number of surfaces as possible. We will do a wipe down of all surfaces immediately following each person. You will be advised in advance of the signing room you will be assigned. You will come in, sanitize, go immediately to the room assigned without sitting down in the waiting room and the documents will be place in the room prior to your arrival. Your lawyer will watch the execution of any documents through the glass partition. You will then leave immediately following your appointment.

Alternatively, we can make arrangements for “quick signings” to come out to your vehicle and witness you execute documents through your vehicle window. Any other work on your matter will be done through telephone and email. All other services apart from urgent appointments will be provided remotely. In person attendances will be by appointment only.

Though we will continue to work on your matter the hours that the office will be open will be shortened. Effective immediately office hours until further notice will be Monday to Friday from 10 am to 3 pm. Though the office will be open to address telephone calls etc the doors will be locked. Given that we will be operating with very minimal staff at any given period please leave a voice message and your lawyer or their paralegal will return your call as soon as possible.

There is a drop off and pick up table located out front of the office with the reception present to immediately retrieve and to protect the safety of your documents. Accounts may be paid by credit card or by leaving a cheque in the drop off location and an updated statement of account will be emailed out.

The following is contact information for all solicitors at CJC & Co. LLP:

1. April P. Cook: ( telephone: 306-384-4425
2. Tara D. Chornoby: ( telephone: 306-384-4181
3. Ammy S. Murray: ( telephone: 306-986-2473
4. Brett A. McRuvie: ( telephone: 306-986-2142
5. Jasmine P. Cook: ( telephone: 306-986-2143
6. Chelsie McKay: ( telephone: 306-986-2141

Assistants to Tara Chornoby:
Carla LaRochelle: ( telephone: 306-384-4181

Assistant to April P. Cook, Brett A. McRuvie, and Jasmine P. Cook
Chelsea Herman: ( telephone: 306-984-2145

Assistant to Ammy S. Murray and Chelsie McKay:
Chelsea Richards: ( telephone: 306-956-2518

We trust that this is satisfactory, however do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we greatly appreciate your patience.


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Please note that viewing this site does not establish a solicitor and client relationship between you and our firm. You must contact one of our lawyers to retain them. You should expect that a conflict search will be performed to protect you as well as other clients of the firm. CJC Lawyers do not hold themselves out to be experts, specialists or leaders. All references regarding qualifications are with respect to knowledge and experience. For a lawyer to be deemed an expert, specialist or leader they must be designated so by their governing Law Society. A lawyer's degree of success in past cases is not indicative of future results.