Tara Chornoby

Co-owner & Partner, Barrister, Solicitor


Tara Chornoby is a co-owner and partner at CJC & Co. Law Office LLP. She practices residential real estate (purchases, sales and refinancing) as well as preparation of wills, Power of Attorneys, Health Care Directives, Estates and Guardianship/Co-Decision Maker applications.

Tara grew up in Saskatoon and attended the University of Saskatchewan where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in 1995, with a major in Political Studies (why – no one knows for sure). Tara obtained her Bachelor of Laws (Juris Doctor) in 1998, and was called to the Saskatchewan Bar in 1999. Tara is a past board member of the SK Trial Lawyers Association and has volunteered for PLEA as well as being a facilitator for CPLED (she’s a very giving person).

Tara is a practicing member of the Law Society of Saskatchewan and a member of the Saskatoon Bar Association. Tara has been rated in the top 5 lawyers in Saskatoon on LawyerRatingz.com and she recently won best lawyer in Saskatoon by Planet S Magazine’s Best of Saskatoon. You go Tara! It’s no wonder to those of us who work with Tara how she won. Tara is also a member of Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan and Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce and annual supporters of Saskatoon CHW (Hadassah-WIZO) and Congregation Agudas Israel, as a fundraiser for the two sponsoring organizations, Saskatoon Interval House and Ronald McDonald House Saskatchewan. Tara is simply wonderful – to everyone! Jasmine likes to tell everyone Tara is her real mother as opposed to April (Tara has never had to get her to clean her room).

Tara hates golf and loves the Riders (like it’s a little scary just how much she loves the Riders). We love Tara because she loves her clients. In turn they love us and provide the most delicious snacks.

As with all the staff at the office, Tara is an avid animal lover and has a fur baby named Samba. She enjoys spending as much time at the lake as possible in the summer, while re-enacting scenes from Titanic (there’s photographic evidence somewhere). Tara can be found in the office at a ridiculous 5AM most mornings.

Hobbies and Activities

Walking The Dog
"Believe in yourself and others will too!"
- Unknown

April Cook

Co-owner & Partner, Barrister, Solicitor


April is a co-owner and partner with CJC & Co. LLP. She is a member in good standing with the Law Society of Saskatchewan, the Canadian Bar Association, and the Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Association. In addition to her professional affiliations, April is actively involved in the legal community, and has presented on a variety of topics to University of Saskatchewan students. April attended the Aboriginal Law Program at the University of Saskatchewan where she also attained her Law degree. April’s oldest daughter is a CJC associate and a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan. Her son attended the College of Engineering, at the University of Saskatchewan and is now putting those skills to use at Riverside Golf and Country Club, meanwhile her youngest daughter is a compassionate Registered Nurse, convocated from the University of Regina. April has been practising in the areas of Family Law and Real Estate Law since 2002. April is a highly successful oral advocate and the juniors are often heard saying, “but it’s a healthy fear” (trust me you want her on your side).

April resides in Saskatoon and is actively involved in golf, travel, yoga, outdoor activities, fishing and other sports and is a property owner and member of Elk Ridge Golf Resort. Outside of the practice of law, April enjoys spending time with her family and being involved in all of their activities. Little known fact, April crochets and knits the most beautiful keepsakes. There’s a line up! “Boss” as she’s affectionately known stress sings and dances around the office in an attempt to avoid negativity (yeah we’ll keep working on that).

In addition to her professional affiliations, and having raised 7 children April has been affiliated with the River City School of Irish Dance, Saskatoon Prairie Fire Cheerleading, the Saskatoon Track and Field Club and the Saskatoon Redwings Minor Hockey Team. April is proud to have provided a home to several rescue animals.

Not all of the children are grown. April has two fur babies; Min and Heidi and it is not uncommon for them to accompany April to work and to see them roaming the office from time to time looking for snacks.

Hobbies and Activities

Eye Rolling
“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.”
- Tim Duncan

Bonnie Reddekopp

Barrister, Solicitor, Associate


Bonnie Reddekopp was born and raised in rural Saskatchewan and moved to Saskatoon after High School. She completed her Bachelor of Arts, Honours, (majoring in Sociology – it’s kind of like a Political Studies Degree, no one really knows why) and Juris Doctorate (a.k.a. law degree) at the University of Saskatchewan. Bonnie accomplished these wonders while single handedly parenting her daughter, Brandi (most excellent job Bonnie). Bonnie understands the challenges of juggling parenthood and outside interests and thus is apologetic for not excelling in the area of her own hair design. She’s appreciative of the simple things in life and just hanging out having mother/daughter time.

Bonnie was called to the bar (not that bar) and officially licensed to practice law in June 2012 and joined the CJC family December 2015.

Bonnie has the "Saskatchewan work ethic" ingrained in her (and we plan to leave it right where it is). She enjoys the work she does and helping her clients through the good and bad. Bonnie is a perfect fit as she believes in the CJC Family First beliefs. Bonnie's main practice is family law, however she enjoys strengthening her skills by practicing in civil litigation, small claims, debt/judgment enforcement, and wills and estates.

Bonnie enjoys spending time with her family and her ragdoll cat Sgt.Pepper, named after the Beatles (I’m sure there’s a story there). Bonnie enjoys nostalgic TV shows (I see a jeopardy thing happening here with David), and outdoor activities (reading a book in a hammock counts, right?). She is passionate about community engagement and can be found contributing to organizations including CLASSIC and the Canadian Bar Association (We give back!). Bonnie is also a member of Saskatoon Women Building Better Business, as well Bonnie is now a member of Saskatoon canoe club.

Dare you challenge Bonnie to a game of Scrabble? She remains undefeated for the past 15 years and is always up for a challenge (Jasmine that is as clear a dare as you will get).

Hobbies and Activities

Smiling Cat
"You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself anywhere you choose."
- Dr. Seuss

Brett McRuvie

Barrister, Solicitor, Associate


Brett was born and raised a true Saskatonian. Lucky for us he grew up just a few blocks from the offices of CJC & Co. LLP, one of which is now his. He attended the University of Saskatchewan and obtained his Juris Doctorate in 2013 (that means Law Degree) and was admitted to the bar (not the fun kind) in 2014. Brett Joined the CJC & Co. LLP family in February of 2017. His desire (lucky for us it’s ours too) is to assist an array of clientele from his own neighbourhood.

Though Brett just wants to help everyone, his focus areas are family and civil litigation (of course including negotiation and mediation) and small claims and debt/judgment enforcement. Along with providing litigation assistance, Brett also provides valuable services related to real estate transactions and wills and estates. Brett’s philosophy of providing quality legal services to all family members is right in line with CJC’s “family first” philosophy.

Prior to attending the University of Saskatchewan, Brett was actively involved in athletics and played Junior Hockey for the Yorkton Terriers. During his time in Yorkton, he was named team Captain for two years and helped his team win two league championships (to us this means organization, cooperation and the ability to work well with and to motivate others). Although, Brett enjoyed some success playing hockey he is most proud of his sister Kelly whom he deems the most successful member of his family. Kelly has won multiple gold medals as a Special Olympian for Saskatchewan and Canada and was honoured to light the Olympic Torch at the 1997 World Special Olympics Winter Games. Wow! As a result of Kelly’s involvement in Special Olympics, Brett is a large supporter of Saskatoon Special Olympics and has been actively involved in fundraising and assisting with sport programs (I told ya – we give back to our community). Kelly is an inspiration to all and we are most proud to welcome her to the CJC family – oh and Brett too.

Brett still enjoys athletics and occasionally can be found playing hockey in the winter (good Saskatchewan boy) and attempting to play golf in the summer. When he isn’t out on the ice or the golf course, Brett enjoys binge watching his favorite television show (Really? Is it Suits?), reading his favorite books or listening to his favorite podcasts. He especially enjoys the latter when he is out walking his husky, Casper, who fortunately isn’t affected by Saskatoon’s cold winters and expects a walk daily no matter the temperature. We are animal lovers at CJC, tried and true.

Brett is a Rider and Rush fan (well he is for sure now because Tara and April wouldn't have it any other way), and apparently he joins David Ferr as a accomplished Oilers fan.

Hobbies and Activities

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work"
- Aristotle

"Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potentional"
- Winston Churchill

Jasmine Cook

Barrister, Solicitor, Associate


Jasmine joined the CJC & Co. LLP family as a law student in March, 2014 and as a lawyer in, 2017 (yeah we kept her). Jasmine is the proud mother of the ever-active Brielle (7), who currently enjoys practicing how many cartwheels she can do in a row, and Christian (1), who currently enjoys playing in the toilet. Jasmine began her formal education at the University of Saskatchewan in 2007. She then followed her mother’s path and completed the Program of Legal Studies for Native People in 2012 before entering the University of Saskatchewan, College of Law. Jasmine obtained her Juris Doctor degree in April 2015, and was called to the bar in 2017. Jasmine is a practicing member in good standing with the Law Society of Saskatchewan, and a member of the Canadian Bar Association, Saskatoon Bar Association, and Saskatchewan Trial Lawyer’s Association. She is also a member of Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan. As a student, Jasmine volunteered extensively in legal research and writing for the determination of a complex Charter issue. Jasmine’s 3 part article, “Aboriginal Peoples in Canada and the Criminal Justice System” is published in The Advocate (it’s worth a read).

Jasmine has been an active volunteer for many organizations in Saskatoon such as, The Saskatoon SPCA, Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers and Sisters, and the Brady Academy of Dance (well done Madam). Jasmine is a fur-baby lover as well (beloved Lilly of 15 years and step sister to Min and Heidi). After doing things causing eyebrow lifts and eye rolling among the CJC family, Jasmine can often be heard saying, “just love me.” We’re trying, we’re trying. Her aspirations are to become both the C and the J, and though an accomplished dancer, Jasmine hopes to one day conquer her issues with gravity.

Hobbies and Activities

“I love the woman I am because I fought to become her.”
- Kaci Diane

Ammy Murray

B.A. (Hons.), J.D. Associate


Ammy wrangled her way to us from ranch life just outside of Maple Creek, the eldest of 5 children. She rustled up a Bachelor of Arts, Honours, in Sociology from the University of Saskatchewan while herding son Fraser. Ecstatic about student/parent life, she moseyed into a Juris Doctorate (law degree) when bonny daughter Ebyn, was just wee. After convocation from the College of Law in 2011, Ammy articled at Saskatoon Provincial Court/Chambers. She bolted to the bar (not the kind that serves up Corn Juice) in 2012, and bamboozled her way into the CJC family in February, 2018. Alright that’s it for the cowboy references.

Nerdy about the law and litigation, she once got so caught up thinking about the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that she took the wrong bus home. Don’t worry, 30 minutes later and on the wrong side of the City, Ammy was found! We GPS her now.

Ammy practices primarily in the areas of criminal defence, family law, civil litigation and immigration. She has extensive experience at all levels of Court in Saskatchewan, including administrative tribunals such as Coroner’s Inquests, Office of Residential Tenancies, the Social Assistance Appeal Board, and the University of Saskatchewan Appeal Board.

The CJC family loves to give back to the community, and Ammy is no different. In addition to community group presentations, Ammy has been involved with CLASSIC (Community Legal Assistance Services for Saskatoon’s Inner City) for ten years. She has been a student advocate, a coordinator of the Legal Advice Clinic, a board member, and a volunteer. She will be a sessional lecturer in the summer of 2018, teaching a Clinical Law seminar. She volunteered for several years with Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan to provide free legal advice to persons in Northern Saskatchewan. Ammy also spearheaded a collaboration between PLEA and PBSC, developing a presentation on the law of consent and sexual assault for Wellness students in Saskatoon Public Schools. In 2016, Ammy was nominated for the Law Society of Saskatchewan Pro Bono Service Award. For those about to Rock – we salute you!

When not lawyering, Ammy enjoys adventures with her children, hiking, playing piano and belting out car tunes while chauffeuring to and from school. To nurture the creative side, Fraser, Ebyn and Ammy love impromptu dance parties (Beyoncé it is), Ammy fashions wire wrapped jewelry, and collects semi-precious stones and crystals. If we can’t GPS Ammy - it’s possible she is under her desk, clearing her chakras in her “meditation nest”.

You already guessed it. Ammy in true CJC form is an animal lover to “Tickles” a rescued shelter cat.

Hobbies and Activities

Crystal Ball
“A voice is a human gift; it should be cherished and used, to utter fully human speech as possible. Powerlessness and silence go together.” ”
- Margaret Atwood

Lorne Fagnan

B.A. (Hons.), J.D. Associate


The CJC family is proud to welcome our newest addition - Lorne Fagnan.

Lorne hails to us from Mafeking, Manitoba, a Métis community near the Saskatchewan border (Which means he loves the Rush and Riders of course). He may try and tell you he’s a Bombers fan. But he’s just kidding (and Tara would never allow it). Especially since he has been a Saskatchewanian now for just over a decade. Lorne brings a unique perspective to CJC having been employed as a broadcaster (which is just plain cool) and holding various positions in the steel industry.

He then began studying at the University of Saskatchewan, where he completed an Honours Degree in History/Indigenous Studies. Lorne was then accepted into the Program of Legal Studies for Native People in 2013, followed by the College of Law which he completed in 2016 (hey that’s just like April and Jasmine). Lorne was fortunate to have obtained one of the few articles at the Provincial Court of Saskatchewan, and then called to the Saskatchewan Bar (the kind that serves up Justice) in 2017. To round out his experiences just a little more, Lorne practiced in a term position with Saskatchewan Legal Aid before joining CJC. Lorne has already racked up experience at both the Provincial Court and the Court of Queen’s Bench and administrative tribunals including the Office of Residential Tenancies.

Lorne prides himself on his openness and unique personality. How does he fit with the CJC family you ask? Just 5 minutes chatting with Lorne and you are no longer a stranger (he will take the time to put you at ease). He’s a good ole boy. In keeping with the CJC philosophy of community service, Lorne is like the Energizer bunny. He just keeps giving and giving. Lorne has volunteered with CLASSIC, volunteered as a student manager (for the past 5 years), and been involved with the Boys and Girls Club of Saskatoon as well as Big Brothers/Big Sisters. He’s looking forward to his next community involvement.

Lorne is active and if not at the office he can be found on the baseball field, golf course, hockey rink, or bravely attempting to walk across the train bridge with his wife Carolyn (who doesn’t require train bridge bravery). He has been known to belt out a tune or two on his acoustic guitar from time to time (coming soon to a CJC Facebook post near you).

Given that Lorne has been Court hopping around Saskatchewan he has not yet homed a CJC pet. But not to worry, his trusty assistant Richelle has generously agreed to share parenting of her Betta fish – Brett (yes, yes, like the lawyer Brett).

Lorne is now taking consults. Please call his assistant Richelle to arrange an appointment with our newest CJC super hero.

Hobbies and Activities

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”
- Jackie Robinson

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